Flat Plate 225 mm

Flat Plate 225

The 225 mm diameter plate is ideal for hot meals and table setting.

  • Manufactured from primary raw materials using the latest technology.
  • No polymer coating.
  • Grease and water resistant.
  • Microwave and oven safe.
  • Temperature from -30С to +260С
  • Composition: 100% wood pulp






50 units in shrink wrap

6 blocks

49 boxes


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Product advantages

Resistant to cuts
Microwave safe
Leak resistant
Freezer safe
Environmentally friendly
Resistant to

PULPSTYLE® is both beautiful and functional

A white, smooth, durable surface, modern design, moisture and grease resistant: all this allows PULPSTYLE® eco-tableware to be used in any situation, including ceremonial and entertainment events that involve serving

PULPSTYLE® is concern for nature

PULPSTYLE® eco-tableware is made from wood pulp and completely decomposes after disposal

PULPSTYLE® is Russia

Our facility is located in the Moscow Region.
Only high-quality Russian materials are used to manufacture PULPSTYLE® eco-tableware
All of the company’s employees are Russian citizens who have an interest in developing the country’s economy and modern technology

PULPSTYLE® is quality

Highly qualified professionals worked to create PULPSTYLE® eco-tableware, including engineers, technology experts, and designers with vast experience in their fields
Each batch of PULPSTYLE® eco-tableware is checked carefully before packing

PULPSTYLE® is concern for people

PULPSTYLE® manufacturing facilities offer comfortable working conditions for employees in which all rules concerning safety and labor protection are observed

Production specialists work in four shifts, which increases productivity and minimizes the risk of waste due to overwork

PULPSTYLE® is perspective

PULPSTYLE® is a promising product both on the Russian and foreign market

The conditions for manufacturing and disposing of PULPSTYLE® eco-tableware align with the modern aspects of sustainable environmental management

The modern technologies introduced in manufacturing and the control system for manufactured products guarantee consistently high quality for any production volume

PULPSTYLE® is the environment

The Everest Group has developed and approved the List of Technical Specifications TU 17.22.13-001-78012783-2020 dated 15 January 2020 and has the right to call its products PULPSTYLE® ENVIRONMENTALLY CLEAN AND HARMFUL